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Experience Joy, Wisdom, and Harmony
How It Works
Consulting Programs

Unlock your greatest potential! Below you'll find several options for getting started. The packages range from individual consulting sessions, to custom reports and analysis, to full annual coaching and consulting programs. Select the option that fits best for you, then we'll connect to get scheduled!

Start here to get yourself introduced  and up to speed with the benefits of Amy's services.
These are the ultimate packages! Gain personal guidance for optimal success all year.
Gain core life-path insights to empower successful life choices. Tune-in to your destiny opportunities.
Align with natural cycles of energy and know when to make important decisions.
Hire Amy to personally analyze your property. Gain the full spectrum of corrective, constructive, and predictive Feng Shui benefits.
Connect with Amy 1-on-1 and learn about more ways to work with her.
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  • Your Life Star

    Understand Your Destiny

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  • Your Day Masters

    Tune-in To Who You Are At the Most Foundational Level

  • Discover Your Best Directions

    An Essential Guide to the True Feng Shui

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  • Your Divine Connection

    An Essential Guardians of Destiny Guide

Need more guidance to get started?
I'm happy to connect with you for a free discovery call if you'd like more guidance on how to get started.


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