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Fulfillment Policy
Refund and Cancellation Policy
It is always our intent to over deliver and satisfy each and every one of our clients and course participants. We work diligently to assist our clients if any financial hardship should occur. Simply reach out and we will see what we can to do help you continue to access the tools and services we provide. In the event you wish to cancel or request a refund, here are our policies. 

Strategic Date Calendar:  Due to the nature and delivery of the Strategic Date Calendar, refunds will be determined on a case by case basis. This material is easily downloadable once access has been granted thus refunds are not likely to be approved.

Yearly Update Reports: Due to the nature and delivery of Yearly Update Reports, unless extreme dissatisfaction of the degree of insight is disputed, no refunds will be made once the report has been delivered. Cancellation prior to delivery is happily accepted. 

Yearly Packages:  Cancellation of your Yearly Package:  If you are unhappy with your package of yearly support tools, cancellations will be handled on an individual basis. We will work with you to determine if it is a failure to deliver on our end or if it is a financial hardship you are facing. Cancellations are accepted within the first 14 days of ordering and will be 100% refundable if any payment has been taken. Understand that many of the deliverables, once completed, have a monetary value. If you have received your yearly report, had access to the Strategic Date Calendar and received your Tong Shu and Metaphysics Box, your cancellation will be reduced to cover the costs associated with those deliverables. You may be refunded no more than 50% of the total cost of your package (if paid in full) or if paying monthly, your payment may be reduced until the value of the tools received has been met. All monthly deliverables, courses, and meetings will be suspended immediately.

Class/Course Fees:  If you are unhappy with any class or course, your fees will be happily refunded at 100% if your dispute is made within 7 days of completion of the course. All access to replays and manuals will be subsequently revoked. Understand that your participation in future courses may be subjected to evaluation and refusal. 

I AM Club Membership:  Please email to suspend your I AM Membership. Cancellations will be immediate and access to previous recordings will be rescinded. If your membership spans over the next club meeting, you are encouraged to attend. No refunds will be given for payments processed. No further charges will be made once your membership has been suspended and you have received your cancellation notice. 

Failure to Pay: If the option to pay in payments is chosen and your payments are not made in a timely manner, Infinity Life Design retains the right to deny access to additional courses, replays, and any free videos or materials associated with the content subscription.

Professional Courtesy and Copyright:  The materials and course conducted and produced are the intellectual property of Infinity Life Design and creator Amy Theisen. If you wish to use information and materials for your own financial gain, please contact and request permission. We require that credit be given when using information and materials obtained in paid or complimentary courses. 
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