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Optimum Advantage
This package is for those who are facing challenges that they are ready to solve and resolve! This takes the Competitive Edge package up a notch as we will meet one on one every month for an hour to work through what life is bringing you. You will have access to every metaphysical tool (and others) that I have to offer. Clients have implemented personal Monthly Feng Shui tactics, BaZi strategies, and Qi Men spiritual and destiny foresight to help solve and resolve what is happening in their lives. Oftentimes, secret formulas are also provided and applied to assist in transforming life circumstances. If you are seeking significant strides forward in your internal and external life, this package will help you make those strides. Each month, a personal channeled message will be sent via video through the membership platform. These messages are either free-form or directed by your questions or circumstance presently in your life and have profound messages for your overall life. This package will also give you admission to any workshop held by me in 2023 at no extra charge. This package will truly give you the Optimum Advantage!

Year Preparedness:
  • Personalized Strategy Calendar delivered by Google  ($540 Value)
  • Yearly Reboot Report ($349 Value)
  • 12 Monthly Metaphysics Mastery Sessions ($588 value)

Additional Yearly Support
  • Personal Year Channeled Message from the Guardian Circle (specific for you) ($88 value)
  • Yearly Summit Admission for 2024 ($199 value)
  • Special Personalized Paper Calendar with your personal insight into each day ($197)

Monthly Support Focus:
  • Monthly Personalize Strategy Report  (6+ page report delivered by email) highlighting your personal Monthly outlook, Guardian Locations, Personal insights and Action strategies. Includes a monthly channeled message for this group  ($2364 Value)
  • Access to private meditation channel ($120 Value)
  • 11 Personal 1-hour sessions held 1:1 over Zoom to check in on your goals, provide metaphysical insights and to keep you on track ($2717 Value)
  • Strategic Execution/Forecasting Questions –up to 3 each year ($150 Value)
  • Personal Date Selection for the year if desired (up to 4)—choosing important meeting dates, product launch dates, openings, workshops/sales presentations ($600 Value)
  • Monthly Channeled Personal Messages for you ($1200 Value)

SPECIAL BONUS:  Special Metaphysics Box | Access to any workshops held in 2023

Total Value:  +$9,112 

Price: $7188 (Savings of $2,224)
$599 a month | $509 per month if ordered by Jan 18th

$6888 single payment plan  ($5888 if ordered by Jan 18th)

**Limited to 10 Clients
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