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Competitive Edge
Once you have the basics in place from the Foundation of Success, this package will level-up your guidance. Each month, you will receive a monthly strategy report, highlighting what you personally can use to connect in with the highs and lows of your monthly energies. This is a personal outlook of the energy for your month. A written channeled message gives you a spiritual focus or assignment and the Qi Men insights show you the way to maximize your efforts and actions for the month. You will also have access to the private meditation channel that provides a monthly manifestation meditation as well as other key meditations for Health, Wealth, Leadership, Relationships, Courage, Intuition, Creativity, Faith plus more. Key dates will occasionally be provided when to do each of these meditations. This package also provides 3 quarterly hour-long check-in calls where your issues, concerns, questions, and focus will be front and center. These calls have been invaluable to clients this past year! And finally, do you need insight into the questions in your life? You’ll have access to forecasting sessions as well! This package is for those who are ready to make strides forward this year and improve their lives for future greatness.

Year Preparedness:
  • Personalized Strategy Calendar delivered by Google  ($540 Value)
  • Yearly Reboot Report ($349 Value)
  • 12 Monthly I M Club Membership ($588 value)

Additional Yearly Support
  • Yearly Summit and Mid-Year Accelerate Admission for 2024 ($400 value)
  • Special Personalized Tong Shu Calendar with your personal insight into each day ($197)

Monthly Support Focus:
  • Monthly Personalize Strategy Report  (7+ page report delivered by email) highlighting your personal Monthly outlook, Guardian Locations, Personal insights and Action strategies. Includes a monthly channeled message for this group  ($2364 Value)
  • 3 Personal 1-hour sessions held 1:1 over Zoom to check in on your goals, provide metaphysical insights and to keep you on track ($750 Value)
  • Strategic Execution/Forecasting Questions –
  • Access to private meditation channel ($120 Value)

VALUE:  +$5,550

BONUS:  Special Metaphysics Box | Admission to 1 additional workshop held in 2024 (up to $999 value)

Price:  $3388  or $299 per month

$2879.80 single payment of $254.15/month
if ordered by Feb 10 with SUMMIT CODE--enter at checkout

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