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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Feng Shui still applicable today?

Of course. Feng Shui links all life together.  We all share one planet with its fluctuations of energy based on its orbit around the sun and its placement in the universe.  The same principles apply in the United States and Canada that apply in Asia or elsewhere.  Feng Shui uses precise calculations to take into consideration these various shifts over the years. These shifts are broken down into periods of time.  Because of this shifting, very few houses or properties are ever favorably or unfavorably positioned forever.

Can Feng Shui really make a difference in my life?

Feng Shui is just one of your personal avenues of luck. Even if you had the destiny of Donald Trump, it does not mean you will be as wealthy as he (though he has, indeed, utilized Feng Shui advice over the years!)  There are human factors that play a tremendous role in how your life unfolds.  Even with the best destiny and the best Feng Shui, your life could seem miserable because you refuel to get out of bed in the morning and embrace your humanness. WE are all here to grow and learn.

If you are like most of us, by using  the power of Feng Shui to your advantage, you will begin to see life changes in a variety of ways.  These may include better relationships, better sleep, more successful careers, more career satisfaction, and better opportunities – being in the right place at the right time.  However, it is up to you to identify and embrace these things when they are brought into your life.

Is Feng Shui about de-cluttering?

While clutter and disorganization do cause tension and stress, de-cluttering alone is not Feng Shui.  Here is where we get into the “Man Luck” realm a bit.  Remember that Man Luck makes up one third of the Cosmic Trinity. Authentic Feng Shui is concerned primarily with the Earthly Luck Realm.  Destiny Analysis delves into the Man Luck Realm.

If you want to work and live in an area that looks like an explosion occurred, you might examine the various realms of your life to see if other aspects besides your physical space are cluttered. By being constantly surrounded by chaos, you will attract more chaos into your life…not because of Feng Shui, but because of the Man Luck ratio.  A Feng Shui audit can help you make improvements in the Earthly Luck Realm that then free up energy, enabling you to manage the clutter or chaos that may be burdening you in your space or in your life.

Do you recommend the use of Buddhas and other such items?

The New Age practice of Feng Shui often relies on the placement of Chinese cultural items such as Buddhas, Kuan Yins, and money attractors to provide benefit to the client. These, too, tap into the human or Man Luck arena of the Cosmic Trinity and, though there is nothing wrong with them, they are not part of the Classical Feng Shui practiced by Amy Theisen.

The energy that a room has is because of its location in the enclosed hour or office structure and how that structure sits on a piece of land, not because there is a wind chime in the corner.  The amount of time you spend in a room, facing a particular direction will affect you either favorably or unfavorably depending on your energy (Gua) number as defined by your personal Ba Zhai.  By knowing your Gua number, based on your birth date, you can know how to use each room in your home to your advantage.

Is Feng Shui a religion or considered religious or going against religion?

No, not at all.  In Feng Shui and to a larger degree, Metaphysics, everything comes down to the principle of Yin and Yang and the concept of balance.  We are searching for the perfection in duality.  That is why traditional Chinese arts such as acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and Feng Shui all incorporate the 5 elemental and Yin/Yang principles. Claiming a religious or divine aspect of Feng Shui is merely exploiting the public’s ignorance of true, Classical Feng Shui.

Why are there so many different practices of Feng Shui?

In ancient times, Feng Shui was closely guarded by those in power in China.  The concepts, theories, and formulas were kept by a select few.  In fact, until very recently, grand masters and masters only taught one student at a time.  Joey Yap of Mastery Academy, still hears how he is going against the tradition by teaching those that attend his courses.

Once Feng Shui made its way to the masses, some practitioners began to take liberty with the formulas and theories.  This caused watering down of the meanings to make it easier for the uneducated to understand.  This trend accelerated with the recent explosion of interest in Feng Shui in the West.  An example of this watering down would be with the term “Dragon.”  Uneducated practitioners will instruct clients to purchase a large dragon and place it on their property to symbolize the Green Dragon.  In reality, a Dragon is a mountain and in Feng Shui, we look at the movement of the Dragon/Mountain to discover how Qi moves through an area as Mountains create the Qi, wind moves the Qi, and water collects the Qi.   Indeed, it can be confusing to choose from the wide array of practices now available in North America.

With the application of accurate formulas and calculations based on the ancient, classical time-tested wisdom passed carefully down through the ages, Feng Shui can be a very powerful ally.

What Feng Shui Schools does Amy Theisen adhere to?

Amy Theisen's practice is anchored in the following authentic Feng Shui Systems:

  • The San Yuan school:  Xuan Kong, Fei Xing (flying stars), Xuan Kong Da Gua (64 Hexagrams), Long Men Ba Da Ju (Dragon in Eight Formations), Ba Zhai (Eight Mansion)
  • The San He School:  Shui Fa (Water Dragons), San Long (Mountain Dragons), and environmental Laun Tou
What sorts of things does a home Feng Shui audit look at?

A home Feng Shui audit looks at many things, including the Best Directions/Ba Zhai and the destiny chart of each resident.  The placement of rooms in the overall floor plan of your home and how you have each room arranged both play a major role in your Earthly Luck, so these and other such elements are also considered.  We also analyze the impact of any natural features (mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, roads, houses, etc.) in the area surrounding the home.  The aim is to maximize the positive energy and minimize the negative energy flowing through them home to achieve the most benefit to those who live there.  When possible, we tap the qi mouth of the area that is impacting the home as once that is tapped, the energy of the environment begins to flow naturally.

What sorts of things does an office or business Feng Shui audit look at?

An office or business Feng Shui audit is similar to a home audit, with emphasis on those issues that are of paramount importance to the business at the time of the audit.  The destiny reports for the key executives are included as well as the Best Directions/BaZhai analyses for company executives and employees.  Office layout, placement of executive offices and other interior features are considered as well as the impact of natural or built features in the exterior environment.  Again, tapping the qi of the area is the key to getting the business to flow with its environment. At times, there may be suggested changes to cure a problem with the business.

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