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Let's begin...
If you're interested to look deeper, and ready for more alignment.

If you'd like to start with one-on-one personal services, the Life Guide Report and the Yearly Outlook Report below are great places to start with Amy's consulting programs.

Gain more awareness, more alignment, and more preparedness for your best opportunities. Dive into your own personal destiny. Sign up for either a Life Guide Report or Yearly Life Outlook Report below.

Life Guide Report
A Life Guide Report is packed with information about who you are, your strengths, challenges, and life opportunities. It brings in all aspects of Metaphysics including BaZi, Feng Shui and Qi Men Jun Jia. Its strength is in highlighting how you can make better choices to create better life outcomes and success.

Do you have specific questions about your life? Let me know and I'll find insights and answers for you!

Time is taken to emphasize how to work with the challenging situations that may arise in your life as well as how to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. This is all about how to live your life in the most connected and successful way possible.

Includes 1 hour of private consulting.
Yearly Life Outlook Report
This report creates a blueprint for rebooting your life this year. We discuss your life and how to use 2022 correctly. Get your most pressing questions answered, your personal house questions answered, and your game plan solidified for the year. In a more than 15 page written report, delivered face-to-face over Zoom, we focus on your health, wealth and relationships with short monthly overviews. 2022 Feng Shui details, personalized with additional activation dates we examine how your personal animals and elements interact, clash, harm or combine for you and how the Yearly QiMen positions influence your year.

Includes 1 hour of private consulting.

Need more guidance to get started?
I'm happy to connect with you for a discovery call if you'd like more guidance on how to get started.


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