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Finding the right way to connect...

Let's find time together.
I'm here to help.

General Consulting

Guidance, insights, and consulting

When we connect, I'll listen and help leveraging the knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics, and intuitive guidance, to focus on exactly the opportunities and challenges that are important to you right now. Let's help you get clear and establish a strategic plan to execute.

There are many examples of how I can help:
Guidance with staff or family issues (how to create better interactions)
Guidance through personal struggles and want to know what, why, and how to solve
Need help making the correct decision when it comes to (relationships, business,career, health)
Choosing who to hire
Amy's coaching is grounded in the principles of Yin and Yang and focus on insights that are -
Per hour

Do you want to start our consulting together or ask specific questions by the hour? Here's where you can hire Amy by the hour!

After you click "Get started" you'll be directed to find a time on my schedule.

Have a specific
Per question/call

Do you have a need to know the outcome of a choice you have? In your career? Relationship? Or looking at a next step in life?

Let's just address that specific thing. We'll setup a call together.

Spiritual Guidance
30 min
60 min
Need help and guidance from your higher self and the Divine Realm? Amy will channel answers to your questions by connecting into higher consciousness and bring you answers from your higher self and the Divine Spirit Ream.
Date Selection
Per date

Specific opportunities and critical choices deserve special attention. Don't let important meetings or projects just not measure up.

Let's look ahead to support your best timing and alignment.

Private Meditation Channel
Per Year
This channel will contain all monthly meditations with the Guardians, all special meditations for high level specific meditations for Health, Wealth, and Relationships, and a short daily meditation that may be conducted each day to connect with the energy of the day.

Need more guidance to get started?
I'm happy to connect with you for a free discovery call if you'd like more guidance on how to get started together.


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