2022 Accelerator
The World is Changing. Will You?
2022 Accelerator!
June 30th | 6pm CST | Zoom
It's time to keep our momentum moving forward.

The world feels chaotic - but it's time we spiral our lives upward so when the dust finally settles, we are standing strong.

Do you want to know what's coming next?
There are three types of people right now:
1) the Fallen - the people who are in a downward spiral
2) The Stagnant - the people feeling directionless and stressed
3) The Awakened - driven to succeed

No matter where you are in your life, the 2022 Accelerator is guaranteed to help you move forward.

We will cover such topics as:

  • How to get motivated
  • Manage Risk
  • Master Yourself
  • Maximizing Your Time
  • And so much more...
What's All Included?
Formulated specifically in response to the energy of 2022.
Get immediate on-demand access to the replay after the Accelerator event.
Live Accelerator
Join the live call with our Metaphysics Mastery community as we reveal the secrets to success for the rest of 2022
Live Q&A with Chinese Metaphysics Specialist Amy Theisen
Do you have specific questions about your chart or 2022? There will be an open Q&A at the end of the live event, so come prepped! Amy does not disappoint...

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What the Metaphysics Mastery Community is Saying...
"Amy is such a delightful person to have in your corner. She is so much more than just a consultant. She has helped guide so many of my life choices! She invests herself in my life. We just love her."
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Kimberly H.
"Amy is amazing! Amy is such an expert in what she does and she wants to share this knowledge and help empower each of us to live our best life by having the tools, resource and knowledge to make better decisions. She has proven time and again how spot-on she is with the tools she uses for herself, her clients, and the world in general because we are all interconnected."
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Jackie Flaherty
"Amy’s insights over the years have helped me understand my strengths and challenges have helped me discover my true self. I would not have the success I am experiencing now without her insights and guidance. She helps lay the foundation of knowing yourself and then building upon that foundation as your path is revealed. She has helped me navigate some of the most challenging moments in my life."
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Vanessa L.